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Dec 5, 2012 5:00pm EST
. >> reporter: a "washington post" poll finds 53% would blame republicans if the country went over the fiscal cliff while only 27% would blame the president. >> we need new thinking and renewed efforts from all americans. >> reporter: republicans and democrats are voicing support for extending middle class tax cuts until a larger deal is found. >> which i hope they will. that that will be a victory for the american people. >> reporter: republicans, like virginia's eric cantor, said the gop has offered plans that will avoid tax hikes. >> and the proposal that we sent to the president deserves a response. >> reporter: maryland congressman steny hoyer warns congressional republicans are playing with fire. >> the creditworthiness of america ought not to be put at risk. >> the president did not take part in negotiations this week. and increasing unlikely. >> it's been observed that the president has yuped his ante when it comes to tough talk about the republicans in the midst of the fiscal cliff negotiations and at one point, using the v word saying he would veto any bill coming to his desk, not i
Dec 28, 2012 5:00pm EST
in across the board. nicole collins has the latest. >> reporter: john boehner back in washington immediately heading to the white house, which brought the president and congressional leaders together the first time since november, but it's unclear if it brought the country closer to avoiding the fiscal cliff. >> when the president calls congressional leaders to the white house, it's all political theatre or they have a deal. not that it's all political theatre. >> this is not for show but a last-ditch effort by the president to bring congressional leader together to try to get a small package at least, a small deal together before the new year. >> reporter: the president called the meeting as lawmakers pointed fingers in this high- stakes game of chicken. >> the republicans who are holding hostage the middle class in america society wealthy don't have to pay their fair share. >> we need two words: presidential leadership on not just taxing rich people. we could do that and it would not help the medicare fiscal cliff. >> reporter: with time running out, hopes have diminished with talk of a sm
Dec 17, 2012 5:00pm EST
in pain with some turning to action. this march in washington calling for stricter gun control measures. president obama said sunday at a memorial service that he planned to take executive action. >> are we prepared to say such violence visited on our children year after year after year to sell out the price of our freedom? >> reporter: hoping to provide comfort, owners of therapy dogs are wandering around town with animals and they're being approached by children and adults a like. jennifer davis, fox news. >>> schools across the country and here in our area had counselors and extra police perhaps as students return to class today. they hoping the added security might ease the anxiety by students and parents. >> reporter: first graders at district heights lamar start the morning discussing a story like any other day. then, something different. >> at this time, we're going have a moment of silence. >> reporter: silence to remember school kids just like themselves who never made it out of sandy hook elementary on december 14th. it's a tough day for parents and staff. >> a moment of silen
Dec 6, 2012 5:00pm EST
-sex couples can get married in the state of washington. the governor signed the law yesterday making washington the ninth state to allow same-sex marriage, includes d.c -- including d.c. couples didn't land up outside shortly after the governor signed the law. couples were able to pick up their wedding certificates and licenses starting this morning. >>> pot smokers are lighting up in seattle. this is a public pot party. the new law legalizing marijuana went into effect in the state today. voters approved the law in november, but the law doesn't allow people to smoke weed in public. if they get caught, they could be fined. >> if you look at everybody around here, i have never seen so many people in seattle in one vicinity like this. >> the city is not issuing fines just yet. anyone lighting up will be given a warning for now. voters in colorado approved a similar law in november legalizing marijuana. users there can only carry an ounce or less. >>> it's a big night at the white house. the national christmas tree lighting ceremony is underway on the ellipse. the first family is set to
Dec 18, 2012 5:00pm EST
, there is no deal. the leaders in washington are trying to come up with a backup plan to avoid a financial fallout on new year's and tom fitzgerald has more. >> reporter: tonight, the big question is can they at least pass something they seem to agree on? neither side wants the sequestration cuts due to start on new year's. the one think this they agree on, they don't want tax rates to rise on the middle class. it seemed clear while the talks drag o we appear no closer to a deal. with just 13 days left until the fiscal cliff hits, democrats and republicans are trying to outmaneuver each other. >> at the same time, we'll continue to talk with the president. >> reporter: house speaker jo boehner said that he wants taxes to rhizome on people making more than $1 million said the president has to cut more spending. >> the white house offered yesterday was essentially $1.3 trillion in new revenues forty error $50 billion in net spending reductions. >> reporter: bay -- boehn er said his backup plan would stop taxes to that would hit the middle class. the white house is not biting. >> president's come hal
Dec 31, 2012 5:00pm EST
in the washington region. >> there's a lot of favorites. fans fall in love with the players. whole town, when they will town advances. >> reporter: cheap z is 71, has missed just four home games inga 34 knows what it means when thet redskins win. >> some might still be at theth stadium. we were there to 3:30 p.m. >> reporter: all agree the bigbi win was something special. >> we can't ask for nothingthi else. thanksgiving, christmas, new year's, everything wrapped up in one. >> earlier today, we asked our facebook friends how much theyow would be mwilling to spend to actually go to next sundaysun afternoon's game and see it in person. we've heard from a lot of folks, some say maybe $200, one said hi d would spend $10,000, we thinke was jokes, but most said theyth would rather stay home and watch it at home, and do it on thethe cheap and smart. coming up at 6:00, we'll go to some sites and tell you what you would have to pay if you wanted to go to sunday's playoff game. >> it's so exciting.exc >>> bob barker, thank you. >>> fox 5 will bring awe speciap pregame show on sunday, startint
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6